So Vague

Biker jacket: H by Henry Holland*

Bag: New Look

Jeans: Topshop
T-shirt: Primark
Glasses: Joules*

I can not believe this year is coming to an end, I'm not sure where the time went and what I really did with mine. I know it's been a tough year but it's also been a good year. Corben started school, we got a kitten, I handed in Logan's application for nursery and I've never felt so busy in all my life. They may not be ground breaking changes, but for me they have been huge. I'm thankful for the people in my life and I'll be thinking about the people I've lost over the years. I'm so excited to give the boys their presents, seeing their faces light up makes Christmas for me. I'm loving my new haircut, and I'm not sure why but everything I own just seems to look a little cooler than before. I am still run down, but trying like most to power through. As it's starting to get colder I will soon be layering everything, but sometimes it can be great fun to play with texture mixes. 

How cute is this t-shirt from Primark I got it in the sale, but to honest would have gladly paid full price. I decided to team it with this amazing biker jacket that was customised by Henry Holland (I'll be chatting about that another day). Please to say my River Island boots are still going strong and I've not had to buy a new pair, so really pleased. I would like the knee highs that everyone has been rocking, but I have so many pairs at the moment (even if I end up wearing the same pair to death). It's my birthday after Christmas so I may treat myself than, but I will need to take some bits to the charity shop to make me feel less guilty. You only have two feet after all ....*hugs all the shoes. 


  1. Love this outfit and your hair is still absolutely amazing!! My hair is such a pain I can't really do anything with it :( xx

  2. That jacket and that bag <3 Damn!! x


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