Meet Monty

This is the new fur ball in our lives, met Monty AKA Monty moo as Corben my five year old has nicknamed him. Monty, his mum and siblings were dumped at a stable and we heard from a friend that the owner of the stable was looking for good homes for them. It's amazing to know that there are still some good people in the world who do care even when they have their hands full. We were going to buy him, but the stable owner would not take a penny. When we were there they told us that a lot of the animals, rabbits and even a couple of parrots had been ditched there. It's heart breaking but it's great to see that the animals have a safe place to stay and are being fed. 

When I first saw Monty he cried to be picked up and Logan my two year old said " That's my cat mummy". I had a good feeling and we had to wait as someone else said they would have him. Thankful for us the other person decided they couldn't and so we rushed to buy a bunch of cat bits to bring him home. I can never understand why anyone would dump any animal, but in another way I'm glad they did as we would not have this beautiful kitten in our lives. He has such a sweet nature and our boys adore him. I wanted to share his story as you always read about horrible things regards unwanted pets, but I'm pleased to say his the cat that got the cream. 


  1. Oh goodness, what a cutie! x

  2. Laura, he's gorgeous, I can't wait to see his antics on your blog and Instagram!!! X


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