Game Over

Fluffy Jacket: H by Henry Holland*
Game Sweater: EBay
Jeans: New Look
Pastel Converse: Cloggs*
Burger phone case: Primark mens 
Pink faux fur Clutch: New Look via ASOS secret Santa*

This week has been an eye opener, and I feel like while I have not ticked everything off my to do list. My list of needs has changed a lot. This is what happens when you have been living in PJ's with greasy hair,  because even the thought of getting up and moving around makes your paper bones ache that little bit more. I'm trying to get on, I think everyone is feeling less than wonderful with the lack of sun and people coughing without covering their mouths. 

I'm planning my outfits, in hope that it will give me a boost into downing my flu relief pills and doing things that involve leaving the house. It helps that Corben has school, as even if I'm ready to pass out (which almost happened last week) that I will get him there. This week has been a lot better, me and Logan went to buy the last of the presents on the list and picked up some wonderful tacky decorations. So let's talk outfit, how cool is this gameboy sweater I could kiss you EBay I really could. Massive thank you to Izzie who was my ASOS secret santa- #AAAsecretsanta for this faux fur clutch *hugs clutch for dear life. Thank you so much, it's beyond perfect and even matches my current hair colours winning. 


  1. Your hair is amazing!

  2. I love the coat its good that you choose a colour other than black or white, never seen a red fur coat its so unique.

  3. i love your hair and i love your top! <3

    xoxo, rae

  4. Love your jacket!

    And what a great secret Santa, so you!

    A Forte For Fashion



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