Do You Want To Build A Snowman - Snowman Fun Kit From LUSH

Lush never fail to impress me, and this year they have made a very special product that's not only fun for kids okay, okay and adults too. But this Snowman Fun kit* will be raising money for the children of Japan, who are still living in challenging environments following the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster. 10p from every sale of each bar goes to the LUSH FunD, this will than be distributed in grants to projects providing fun and recreational actives for the children. It may not seem a lot, but if everyone buys one think how much could be raised. Every child deserves to enjoy their childhood, and this way you get to have fun with this mouldable soap and give a little so that others can have fun too. 

As my two boys love the Disney film Frozen, it only seemed right to make Olaf a little magical snowman from the film. Olaf is not only funny, but is a wise little snowman, and here's how to make yours. 

It doesn't have to be perfect, and you don't have to add the twigs, you can make any kind of snowman you like. Have fun and don't forget that you can use it as a bubble bar, soap or even shampoo when your finished playing with him. Just remember that his limited edition, so get him before his gone, and support something good in the process. Sorry if this post has caused you to have frozen songs  suck in your head all day. I love the fragrance of this bar, it has Sicilian lemon which is a really refreshing. Mixed with buchu and bergamot essential oils so it has that warm and christmas feel to it but not too earthy. If you let it dry out and it becomes more crumbly it's easier to use as a bubble bar. It's simple to wash with and great for anyone with dry skin, as it's really creamy. 

If you give this a go than please tweet me a photo, (of the snowman not you in the bath by the way, lets keep it clean) at @law1sfab . I would love to see how you do with your Olaf, or what snowman you decided to make. You can grab a snowman FUN kit from your local LUSH or online for £5.00- With 10p from each kit sold going to the LUSH FunD.


  1. gotta love lush! this look so cool

  2. Omg how fun! Bit fed up of Frozen - I'll be honest, but I loved Olaf it it haha how cute x


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