Echo Falls Holly Fulton Style Challenge

The first time I saw Holly Fultons collection hit the catwalk, I knew this would be a designer I would follow and admire for years to come. So hearing that she had designed some bottles for Echo Falls I knew I would not be disappointed. Of course Echo falls had a style challenge for me and some other fashion bloggers. " The challenge involves three bottles of the new limited edition Holly Fulton x Echo Falls wine (a red, white and rose) fashion bloggers will be challenged to style an outfit inspired by their favourite bottle design"

As I could not bring myself to pick only one, I ended up styling an outfit for all three. As I had Halloween makeup on, sadly I could not wear them- Well I could have but I would have looked a little creepy and wrong ha ha. Instead I put them together to give you some inspiration, it was tricky but I think each outfit works for each bottle. 

Merlot Outfit

I really love the colours for this bottle, as they are like the wine it's self ripe plums, black cherries and blueberries. So I grabbed this ASOS boxy sweater, as it has a great print and mixed it up with a perspex necklace. I was thinking of teaming it with my faux leather trousers, but wanted to keep it a little brighter so picked some skinny jeans and my New Look sliver platforms. I'd finish this look with a vampy red lipstick and my hair in a top knot, effortless chic.
Pinot Grigio Outfit

As Pinot Grigio has crisp citrus notes and flavours of fresh apple, it's a vibrant wine and I'm a vibrant dresser. I really like the pastel blues and yellows, as I'm not massive of pastels (I have some) I grabbed my favourite Campbell soup sweater as it has hints of yellow and blue. I would tuck this into my blue skater skirt, and as the black lines jump out more I used my hat and flower belt to show it in the outfit. 

White Grenache Outfit 

Last but not least White Grenache, bursting with flavours of fresh strawberries to me this is the most sassy wine. So natural I grabbed my Pink River island stole, and throw it together with my Aztec printed Warehouse skirt. I wanted to tone it down a little so picked out my plain pale shirt, and dripping c necklace to tie it all together. 

I really enjoyed this challenge and of course I love these bottle designs by Holly. Which is your favourite outfit? I would love to know.

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