Dealing With Headaches

I've always suffered from headaches, even as a kid I spent many an afternoon on my nan's sofa with her stroking my head and being comforted by the warmth of her hand. After years of them and their big sister the migraine, I can safety say I've tried just about every headache/migraine product to help me deal with them. I've spent my headache free time, reading about home remedies and causes. So what advice do I have for you, some you may already know and ma seem like the simplest thing but trust me will help you deal with them. If I knew the cure for getting rid of them forever I'd share that too, sadly I'm yet to come across a magical cure. I will say it does help to have someone around who will look after you, but if your on your own know that it will pass and you will be okay. 

If you have a headache right now, I would suggest reading this another time. If your headaches feel worst than usual or your getting more than two days in a row go to your doctor. It's best to be tested for everything and know that they are just headaches, than ignore the problem and it turning out to be something far bigger that could have been prevented. I have been tested (bloods, scans etc..) over and over and thankful been told it's more to do with stress and hormones than an underlying illness. So I hope this helps you the next time one strikes, and know that yo are not alone and there are support groups for those that suffer with cluster headaches.

  • Switch off those gadgets, put down your phone and try to avoid reading or any other actives where your brain has to focus for long periods of time. Stress is a massive factor when I get them, if your the same try clearing your mind of worries. This sounds a little mad (okay utterly crazy), but I once read it's good to imagine your walking in a forest that's so deep your headache can't reach.

  • If you have your hair up, than let it down as this will cause tension. Also I've found heavy eye make can trigger mine, strange but true so if your the same remove it and give your face a splash with cold water it will help simulate blood flow.

  • Eat a banana, as a carbohydrate it starves off symptoms and keeps your blood sugars even. Avoid cheese and chocolate.

  • Grab a drink, water is usually best as most headaches are caused by dehydration. Or if you have not eaten and be doing a lot drink half a cup of a fizzy drink, as it could be caused by low blood sugar. Fizzy drinks are thee quickest way for bringing them back up, but drinking too much can also cause them. Same goes with caffeine, too much can cause them, but they can also sooth them and help if you have taken painkillers

  • If your laying down keep your head above your body, I usually double up my pillows  so I'm also sitting up this helps blood flow. Also if it's a migraine, make sure your in the dark and place a cold flannel on your forehead. Also massage can ease migraine  you can massage the temples in a circle to ease pressure, as well as massaging the bridge of your nose can help relieve sinuses which actual helps with headaches. 

  • Be sure not to take too many painkillers, as hard as it is only take some if it becomes unbearable. This way you will know when your headaches gone, as the over use of them stops the effect of pain relief and can cause them. There are plenty of painkillers designed for headaches and migraines, make sure you have some in your home and I always carry some in my bag while out. The last thing you will want to do is have to go buy some when your head is pounding. Follow instructions careful and check age guide, as some painkillers are far higher so may only require one dose.

  • Lack of sleep is another big cause, so make sure you don't have to many late nights and let your body rest. Have a bath before bed if your struggling to relax, and a drop of lavender on your pillow this helps aid sleep naturally.

  • Balms on the temples, again there are many on the market that you can purchase from supermarkets and chemists. I use tiger balm (do a patch test to check for skin reaction) on the outer corners of my temples, avoid the eye area. I use a tiny tiny amount and also rub a small bit on my forehead just under my hairline. I've found this really helps relive pain. Again follow instructions on product and don't use it on sensitive skin or kids under 13 years of age.

  • Get your eyes tested, if you struggle to read things sometimes your putting extra strain on your eyes which can result in headaches. This was one of the factors that has helped reduce mine. Also your dentist as your teeth can have a massive effect on your health, tooth decay, infection are just some of the factors that can lead to headaches.


  1. I've had a headache for about a week now lovely, really needed to read this! <3 x

    1. aww sweetie, sorry to hear that really hope some of these help xx

  2. Agree with the heavy eye make up one... My false lashes sometimes bring on a headache!xx


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