Schuh House Party: A/W collection 2014

Photo fun with Clare-from Rainbows and fairy dust Jemma -from Floral etiquette
Shoes, shoes, shoes/ With Lois -from Bunnipunch and Craig/ Table of photos
Shoes, shoes oh I want all the shoes.

It seems like everyone is in the party mood this season, and who would moan about that. Schuh pushed aside the usual set up of a press day, and instead turned a blank space into the coolest house party ever AKA #Schuhhouseparty ! Beers in a bath tub check, beer pong check, Balloons for the best photos ever check. As I grabbed a pot of Annie Mae's mac and cheese, it was a case of juggling getting my photo and stuffing my face with good old fashion comfort food. The Schuh autumn winter collection did not got forgotten about in all the excitement, not only where there two pairs of amazing rainbow heels but I could have taken home the burger print Converse there and than. 

Clare, Jemma and I got in on the photograph action and grabbed a heap of props for the ultimate party picture. People could sign up to be a DJ for an hour, and of course we got the 'choon' signs ready for when Lois hit the decks. There were six sections in all, made for the different parts of the collection. I love the mini garden area which had some chunky biker boots and of course the cute gnomes dotted about. I really liked the Instagram screen that had all the photos showing, a tad cringe when a heap of me came up all at once haha - Yes I like photos with friends. It was such a great evening and I can not wait for the collection. 

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