Top Of The Pops

Smiley Tee: Hero & Cape*
 Skirt & Necklace: Primark
Rainbow braces: EBay
Trainers: Converse*

So this outfit is a little tongue in cheek, I think sometimes you just have to wear something in a fun carefree way. I have been watching a lot of 70s Top of the Pops (in the days before You Tube we watched people mime on tele) and Mork and Mindy "Na-Nu Na-Nu", so yes I had to get my rainbow braces out. It's a mix of cheerleader meets Shoreditch hipster, and I'm not even sorry. I love this tee from Hero and Cape, there is something so cool about the smiley face it reminds me of my all time favourite band Nirvana. Also it's great how versatile a soft t-shirt like this is, I think on those get up and go days jeans and a tee is everything. It's funny because I'm not a massive fan of yellow, but it's such a feel good colour to wear so I'm embracing it.

This was on the weekend, before all the rain and before my blood test. Thank you for all your well wishes, I've been feeling a little better this week. I will finally know if it's chronic fatigue syndrome or something similar. I think after being in Pjs most of the time, it was great to wear bright colours and feel part of the outside world again. I'm looking forward to getting back out and about. It's crazy how amazing everything seems again the birds singing, the blue of the sky and mad old ladies asking you if your hair is real -no it's a wig love *rolls eyes. So I feel like I'm more prepared for the two weeks of chaos with my boys. Bring on the chocolate egg goodness. 


  1. Those colours sure pop out! Love the outfit, made me smile!!!

  2. So funny there's a whole generation growing up without Top of the Pops now! Love this outfit and I'm glad you're feeling a bit better xx

  3. This is such a cute outfit! I wish I was brave enough to wear so much colour.... And that hair? Uber jealous!



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