How I Wear: A Rainbow Shirt Two Ways

Outfit 1: Shirt: Charity shop
Necklace: Choies*
Dungarees: Beyond Retro
Rainbow Jacket: Choies*
Platform shoes: Y.R.U via Asos
Bag: Choies*

Outfit 2: Shirt: As before
Hoodie: Choies*
Jacket: As before
Socks: F&F
Shoes: As before
Phone Case: TK maxx
Glasses: Pretavoir *

I had not planned on wearing this two ways at all, I saw the sun got a little too excited and ended up changing as it wasn't as hot as it appeared. So I decided as I had awkwardly posed already, I may as well show you both as it may help you on days you get overly excited about good weather (this is a U.K thing, as some of you always have sun and yes I'm bitter). Anyway so what did I swap up, I had planned on wearing my Beyond Retro dungarees but had to swap them for my acid wash jeans. I than layered the shirt with my cropped hoodie, as it's sheer and doesn't offer much warmth. I kept my Y.R.U rainbow platforms but added my dino socks to the mix, again to stop my toes freezing. Than I was good to go, I just can't get enough of bright or holographic clothing and accessorises at the moment. I think I'm in cold weather denial, but isn't everyone here.

What are you looking forward to wearing most once it's warm? I can not wait to wear some vest tops, floaty dresses and embrace my inner hippy. I do love my sweater but I think my skin could do with a little sun, I'm not a fan of my legs but the joy of just throwing on a skirt without tights is something I actual really miss at the moment. So I hope if your having outfit vs weather problems, this will give you a little inspiration to keep it but just layer it up a little more. This shirt only cost me 95p from the charity shop, so I was going to wear it somehow but glad I didn't have to be chilly.


  1. Such a cool mix, so vibrant! LOVE it xx

  2. Wow! I love those shoes and that cake top is amazing. I completely get what you mean about sun and England also - If I can get away with wearing shorts and sandals, then i will x
    Julia in Disguise

  3. Omg those shoes are insane! Looking them up now to add to my wishlist books marks haha. Love the necklace too, your style is amazingly colourful. xx

    ☾ ☾


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