Me By Me With TK Maxx

There are very few brands that I would say really sum me up, but I think TK-maxx is one of them for sure. Their new campaign Me By Me using real TK-maxx shoppers being themselves and showing that you don't have to follow the crowd and be a slave to trend. Show their unique sense of style with the world, and celebrating and reflecting on their individuality. In a fashion driven society we crave to fit in and get it 'right' but does it make us happy. TK-maxx are showing that it doesn't have to be this way and that style is about you, and feeling good about your choices.

We were treated to drinks, nibbles (oh hello sweet potato and cheese pops) and they had a board which was like a really life pinterest and we could share what we loved and what our styles are. Than Clare, Cat, Becca and I were talking about style and how it's great to see a brand doing something different. I think in blog land it can get boring, seeing everyone dress in an almost  blogger uniform manner. It can be tricky as we all inspire one another, and so it's nice to step back and think more about what we really love as individuals.

I like that TK-Maxx are not ageist, that they feature older people and don't right they off like most high street brands tend to. There's this view that fashion stops at a certain age, which is silly and false. They use a good mix of people and I love their whole 'style for less' motto. Whats not to love, if fashion isn't really your thing they even have a whole beauty selection filled to the brim with all the must have beauty blogger brands. I think as someone who enjoys the hunt of the find, I can always get what I'm after in TK-maxx while I know for some it can feel too much and maybe not worth the time. So to help you here are my tricks and tips for getting what you really want and enjoying designer goods at discount prices. 

My tips for shopping at TK-maxx: 

  • Have a plan, so have a look at what you owe already and what you would like to these pieces. So maybe it's a skirt, or some cute sandals for that Holiday you have coming up. I general do this whenever I go shopping, it saves me money as I'm not just buying at random and I get things I know I'm going to wear. 
  • If you just want a treat and your not in need of anything, think more about colour (you can go for this seasons trend colours or ones that really suit you) it's simple but works.
  • Don't stick to your size, try things on. Play with the sizing I currently buy all my t-shirts at nearly double the size and sometimes jumpsuits can look better when you size down. As different brands tend to have different sizing it's always worth trying it to get a fit your happy with. If you can't and you have the money grab a few sizes as you can always bring the others back and try them on in the comfort of your home.  
  • Be fearless, after all it's clothing so have fun and try new things I like to look at Instagram for inspiration when I'm trying something I would not normal go for.   
So I hope any of these tips help and this has made you think more about you and your style, I love the idea for Me By Me and think it's great to embrace what you like and love. So what's your Me By Me? (you can even submit your posts for the chance to be in their next advert)

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