You Say It Like It's A Bad Thing

Monster Coat: Bank*
White Collar Dress: She Likes*
Boots: Jeffery Campbell
Collar: EBay

Before Logan smeared this lovely dress in everything he had been eating that morning, I was going to wear it for the swap shop I'm attending in the evening. I've gone back into full on 90s mode, I styled it up with my galaxy Litas but if I was doing more running around I would have worn my chunky black boots or even a pair of converse. Sadly I will have to just wear it another day, I'm thinking more as a top I can't deal with my lower body lumps at the moment (yeah one of those months). It reminds me of Clueless with the whole white collar and cuffs, so this is my version a little more Nasty gal perhaps. 

I have a busy but fun (ish) week ahead, I'm trying to refocus my energy into positive thinking and all that jazz. Seeing the sun again is helping, I think when it's dark all the time and raining it can make you feel like staying in all the time and just wanting to never leave your bed. Also we have building work going on, which is going to be fun and games with drilling non stop oh the joys. I won't moan anymore the little bit of sun that has been out today, has shown that Spring is in the air. 


  1. Such a gorgeous dress Law and it looks fab on you! Hope you're well lovely lady x

  2. Love the litas. Love the whole outfit really xxxx

  3. Love you cottom candy hair and the collar! Very cool look!

  4. loving everything about this outfit, yay to everything!!!!!!! :) x


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