Confessions Of A Caffeine Addict

I'm rattling around the house and it's 3am. I've had at least two cans of Coca Cola and may as well have had a drip hooked to my vain filled with tea. It's fine I have nothing to do tomorrow.... As if! Logan wakes up first thing in the morning as he needs his nap pie changed. Before my foot has hit the bottom step to downstairs Corben is demanding breakfast, juice and Spiderman on the television with a little 'thanks mummy' as if I'm going to click my fingers and it will all just happen. 

What I tend to do when I can't sleep, read magazines (you can read about that here)

So the cycle of caffeine begins, change Logan sort out the boys drinks and breakfast. Cup of tea. Get the boys dressed (Corben's pretty good and dresses himself) and try to grab whatever looks and smells clean and whip the clothing on as quick as possible. Cup of tea. Slap makeup on, while making sure the kids are not killing one another, climbing the bookcase. Make sure Logan is not eating from his secret hidey places- Little bubs tend to stash food pretty much everywhere and anywhere, week old biscuit anyone. Cup of tea. Than there's lunch, and more running around or going out and more running around for the things we need to leave the house. Resulting in... Yep even more cups of tea. Than there's dinner and getting them to bed, and yes more tea or a glass/can of cola and back to rattling around the house.

Is it unhealthy, well I'll let my zombie like complexion speak for itself. Would I have more energy if I drunk water and healthy tea, possible. Do I want to? Yes and no, to be honest I enjoy my caffeine fix- I know that's the caffeine talking, but just hear it out. I do drink water and for a while I did just drink healthy teas, but like any good addict I was an absolute nightmare to live with. The way I see it, everyone has their vice, and if you say no than enjoy that lie. Mines caffeine, I actual love tea and a cold can of Cola so sue me. On the upside to all this sugary short energy bursts is being able to keep up with life,  I'm like sonic the hedgehog but with better hair. I've cut it down a lot (* 3 cups of tea a day and no cola on weekdays), and I will be cutting it down again but to say I'll be caffeine free is a lie. Life is too short not to have a little of something you enjoy, and it's my choice. 


  1. Tea is a magical elixir of joy. I'll give up coffee (although I'd have to rename my blog), fizzy drinks, but you can pry my tea from my cold, dead hands.

  2. I don't drink tea but I drink on average seven or eight coffees per day. I do it mostly without thinking at work when others are making rounds of coffees and teas. I haven't noticed what I'm like without it to be honest.


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