Street Style: London Fashion Week A/W14 Day 2

The second day of London fashion week was far better than the first, it rained for a short while and than the sun decided to cut us all a break and shine a little. It was also better for capturing all the street style, and trust me there was plenty so much so I will have to squeeze in another day 2 street style addition. I'll talk about what I wore above tomorrow, so lets talk more about trends I spotted on the cobbles. I noticed spring green being a big hit, wore with clashing prints and colours green is the new pink in my opinion.  As a lot of people have been wearing the pink coat (myself included) I think a green coat will be on my wish list. I liked that there seem to be hints of it all around, as if summer were about to bloom. If your not a massive fan of the colour you could also wear some green accessorise instead, a statement necklace, bag or shoes.

Also layering (again) I always say this but really it's so easy to take what you have and layer it up with a few new pieces, like the shirt wore under a dress. We have seen people layering t-shirts for that 90s effect, but you can't always do this. If you want it in a work situation then layered a shirt is a perfect mini trend to try out. Swap your skirt for a summer dress that would layer nicely over the top. Or you could even try it with a roll neck in black or grey, it's very chic, simply but will refresh your key pieces. I think if London fashion week has shown anyone anything also is have a fun umbrella, I spotted some really cute ones fun and practical. Also to really #StyleItBeIt go for some statement head wear, you could try a woollen hat with a pom pom, rock a turban or a simple beanie with a brooch pined on. I think this is ideal in jazzy up your winter wardrobe (again we like that it also keeps our ears warm) and trying something new.

                                                     That's So Yesterday & TK Maxx for LFW


  1. I love the look of the lady with the black lipstick and indian wedding style jewellery, it's so strange and yet wonderful to see 'goth' mixed with 'bollywood wedding'.

  2. So much love I don't even know where to start!!


  3. Cool photos!!! And your outfit... swoon!!!

    I think I saw the lady with the bag of coke, i mean, the Coke bag on Saturday when I went to Somerset House :)


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