How I Wear: A Cropped Sweater 002

Shiny Biker Jacket: Topshop via EBay
Black Crop Top: Choies*
Daisy Print Dress: TK Maxx*
Boots: River Island
Necklace: Topshop
Sunglasses: Little Peaches Loves*
Bag: F&F*

Yes another 90s inspired outfit (sorry not sorry) I think I'm currently living out my fantasy teenage wardrobe. Back in the 90s I wanted to dress like Bjork with Gwen's coloured hair, I was grateful for clothing passed down to me but I wanted to pick what I wanted. This may explain why I literally shop, shop and shop and rarely get rid of anything. I think now I've reached a point where I have to, plus it actual would be freeing to have room for when I do want to treat myself. No one wants a floordrobe, it just happens and it's hard to let go sometimes.

So anyway back to the outfit, I love this daisy print dress it's an instant slap of 90s goodness. I think crop tops over dresses for me are the way forward for me, if your like me and not a fan of your tummy area this is a great to wear them. Mr sun come out today in London and so I whipped out my shades I'm making the most of it. Really excited for date night with Baz Friday, it's been months since we have been anywhere without the kids. If it's sunny this weekend than I want to take the boys to the park, it's just been too cold to go. It's a simple thing but it makes a world of different when your a kid, and happy them equals happy me.


  1. I spent years wanting to be Gwen when I grew up - I still do.

  2. love your sunglasses! and the outfit looks great! :)

  3. You suit 90s style like no one else, I love your hair here!

    Maria xxx

  4. cool outfit! i like the floral skirt with a stylish sweater..nice combination

    Greets Jon.

  5. This is my favourite outfit you've worn! Love the dress and jumper ahhh1
    Gem x

  6. Killer outfit, as always!! x

  7. This grungey look is amazing! Your hair is just perfect~



  8. Love this outfit, definitely looking forward to picking up some 90s bits for spring. x


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