Bumble & Bumble Powder Room Event (Hairspray chalk & Prêt-à-powder)

As a women with bright coloured hair, I didn't expect that Bumble and Bumble could make my hair anymore colourful. I was wrong, oh so wrong, to celebrate the launch of their new spray chalk and Prêt-à-powder (yep in a spray so literally your cat could use it, simple and almost mess free) they had the wonderful folks at Chalk Pr turned The Ice Tank into the powder room. The team from Simon Webster hair style our everyday locks into party hair, and I wish I had them on call because I loved mine. The fellas give me a land girls style hair do, to go with my floral shirt and dungarees. Than they got to work and sprayed in with all the colours Mint, Cobalt, Blush and Lavender. The blue shades look great on darker hair, while the pink looks great on lighter shades.

Some of the girls had stencil stars, which is such a great look and so simple. Take a piece of thick card, cut out your stencil careful. Than cover your shoulders with a towel, make sure your not up near any walls (to avoid spraying colour everywhere). Hold your stencil against your head, you can always get someone to help you and shake the can and spray. This looks stunning when the hair is pulled back into a topknot or bun. If you have Afro  hair, or braids why not spray the colours in patches to get a tie dye look some of the girls had this too and it looked amazing. It's so easy, and fun even the guys were wearing it well.  After Jayne, Hayley,  and I were all topped up, we get creative with Hot spun sugar who are two amazing ladies that make glitter covered candy floss * dream job, I think so. It was like being in hair heaven, heaven that had a photo Booth, cocktails and sweeties every colour of the rainbow.  

Prêt-à-powder AKA dry shampoo, is a my new 'oh my god my hairs a mess' saver. It comes in a bottle fit for a mermaid as it's shimmery, and has a tiny hole so you can puff product direct to your root. It has clay and oat powder in it, this helps soak up the oil and give your hair that va va voom. It's a little pricey (at £21.50, per 56g), but it will last longer than than cheaper sprays and I've found it does not make my scalp inch like others have. (review to come soon).

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