To Save Or Spend

I always seem to have this battle with myself. I see a cool vintage skirt on Ebay, and know that if I leave it too long someone will snap it up and it will be gone forever. On the other hand, do I really need another skirt or anything for that matter. Nice try 'Buy It Now' button, but I'll just add this little beauty to my watch list. It's not just Ebay, my 'save for later' at ASOS is bursting with things I love. Basically anywhere I can have an account and add things to a wish list, will be abused to the point where I have no room to save it. Than that big question we all have to ask ourselves, do you actual buy it? 

Okay, so it's not life or death. Saying that I loath that feeling of having something in that 'saved' place, only to have saved it for so long that it's now sold out, gone, forever and now can never be yours. To rub salt in that fashion wound, suddenly everyone seems to be wearing it and it's all over your Instagram feed. Yeah that ... Than on the other hand, sometimes I go a little crazy and buy it all only to realise that I must have added most of these things at three in the morning zombie like state. Thankfully nowadays most places have free returns, but again snap decides equal more trips to the post office. So how do we end this madness, how can you avoid the over save vs the over spend. Here's what I've come up with:

  • Does it go with things you already own? If not your only going to end up buying way more than you need, and if your 50/50 about it in the first place than best to remove it.

  • Don't shop at silly times in the early morning or when hungry,  that orange roll neck may be a good idea at 3AM. But by the light of day, not even Velma from Scooby-Doo could pull off that bad boy.

  • Shopping for the sake of it. Your bored, you have just been paid and went to spend,spend spend. Instead of pouring over peoples new purchases on the internet, switch off your computer and put away your phone. Watch some films, read a book, do a handstand, anything that doesn't have internet access is good. If you break, than why not buy something that has been on the wish list forever. Rather than a say a pair of running trainers that were 50% off when you don't run and hate trainers. 

  • Cost per wear, yes it's that pricer item vs the three cheaper things. If your going to wear it over and over again like a coat than it works out cheaper than a cheap dress you wear once.

  • Catwalk view, not all sites have them but most have the 360 view if not. Sometimes it can look great from the front, but from the back may not be what you want. Personal I adore seeing how the clothing looks in motion, and it gives you a better idea of shape.

  • Blogger reviews/OOTD, if you really want some detail on something than blogs are where it's at. It's easy to see how different people have styled an item, it also gives you a real idea if it would fit well in your wardrobe. As a pear shaped gal, I like seeing if certain cuts would work on me. So seeing fellow bloggers with a similar body shape really helps.

  • Delete some crap off those lists, come on we have all added things into the save for later that in real life just won't work. Be strong, know that you would probably look amazing in that rainbow jumpsuit. But be kind and leave it for someone who will actually will wear it with disco platforms (or fish in), it's what the rainbow jumpsuit would have wanted.

Or just buy it all and sob into the beans on toast your now forced to leave on for a month. The choice is yours my friend. Do you have any tips to help others? How do you stop the over save vs the over spend. Do you have your own 'save it for later' story? I'd love to hear.


  1. Delete some crap off those lists love it! So true though. Get rid.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. I'm currently on a shopping ban and so far it is going well.
    I keep seeing things I like but I've been holding myself back and remember that I need the money for more important things than the 200th pair of shoes.
    The last time I was shopping at stupid oclock because I couldn't sleep I ended up buying the pink Instax and a bunch of accessories and funky film to go with it. Over £100 in half an hour. Ouch!
    We should start writing a column about our spending bans and how to resist buying more crap we don't need.


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