How I Wear: A Cropped Sweater

Dress: EBay adjusted by me
Coat: River Island
Bag: Primark

Not really doing anything today, but I finally got the chance to wear this blue checked dress. I got it off EBay for under a fiver, it was really long and looked like a vile sack. So I shorted it up to give it a better shape, but still wanted it to a midi length. I really want to start sewing again, I really enjoy it but it's just finding the time. I planned on making an outfit for London Fashion Week, but I doubt it will be finished in time. I'm so out of practise it would probably be to tight and misshaped and look like a rag anyway. I have my jumbo pom pom maker that Barry got me for Christmas, and got myself a pack of smaller ones. At least they are easy to make and I can do them while doing other thing, so now I want to put pom pom's on everything (I may have mentioned this before, sorry but I really have been loving them). 

I don't really do crop tops, I don't like my middle and they always make my body look disjointed and who would choose to look like your body is made of Lego. This Sweater is cut with an almost box shape in the middle, which is great for layering it's the only way I feel comfortable wearing it. I think it would look great with some high waisted jeans, great for me and other pear shapes. I'm on a mission to put pastel colours into all my outfits, ha ha the weather is just grim and pastels remind me of ice cream, sweets and summer.  What are you on a mission (outfit wise) with? Trying the white out trend, tackling those pastels, or just trying to escape jeans for a week, I'd love to know. 


  1. Can't stop looking at the fur collar. SO GOOD x

  2. This outfit combo is amazing! In love with the blue and pink together. And your hair colour is GORGEOUS xxxx

  3. that pink colour is great and looks fantastic with your hair! really like the dress too :)


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