What I Wore: Joules Press Day

Jacket: Primark
Top: River Island
Skirt: Fashion Union*
Pumps: New Look

Had I been watching Moonrise Kingdom the night before this event, possibly okay it's not a crime. I really need to invest in the Suzy dress, a suitcase and white socks with brogues it has to be done. So how could I resist this little camp site at the Joules S/S14 press day, well I didn't I was happy yo sit on the floor and pretend. Anyway the collection is so, so pretty and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. Plus they had little tea pigs there, so it was cuteness overload but Clare and I resisted putting one in our bags as we left. I love this flared top it's so cool, but I forgot to get a photo with my jacket off blogger fail I know. I'm sure I'll wear it again soon, I feel like this outfit is a little Rookie magazine (nothing wrong with that at all). So yes, camp sites, beehive and pigs equal a good day in my book.


  1. cor, love your hair!!

  2. Well aren't you looking gorgeous?!

    Maria xxx


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