CAGECITY S/S14 collection

Being a teen in the 90s I always remember apart from being a massive fan of Garbage, Nirvana,  and any other cool non mainstream group I did ... *cough kinda of love the Spice Girls. It was more the way they dressed, they all had their own style and a we don't care what you think kick ass attitude. When I look at Cagecity, it instantly makes me careless about what others like. It has a wonderful mix of all the styles I've been through growing up, but in a far cooler grow up way. Their S/S14 press day was held in an underground space, the type were all the cool kids would go to a rave. 

Their was a station for blinging up beanies D.I.Y with studs, gems etc. (I still need to do mine), a nail bar and jars of sweets *hello flying saucers. Lets not forget why we were there, the collection! Firstly you need to know a little bit about Cagecity, they carry brand names, handmade, vintage and everything a in your face chick could possible want. This season think fun, shiny, mashup and well clubland fantasy they have you covered. 

The mermaid skirt by bitching and Junkfood was my overall winner and it will be mine, the photo above can't show it's greatness. The panels at the side are great to, meaning you will get that perfect fit. Than there was some great prints from Minkpink, eye wear from Evil Twin and Kelli McGunnigess candy coloured knitwear. Cagecity support a lot of up and coming designers, which is great for them and for you. It's great to know your getting something different that you won't see on every girl. It was great to finally meet Leyla and Nadine owners of Cagecity, they really know want girls want and their Cagecity meets is wonderful as it supports bloggers and show cases different ways to wear and style. They sum up want what fashion is to me, fun, creative and a little bit in your face or in some cases a lot in your face. Trust me when I say the S/S14 collection is just party city and I'm just gutted that it won't be available for Fashion week (in Feb) or I'd be sorted. 


  1. Love these! Super quirky, definitely the kind of thing I'd imagine you wearing!

    Milly x // Mini Adventures

  2. Oh my god it looks like a nineties version of Mecca- that shiny holographic skirt is beautiful! And did I spot a bejewelled jumper that doesn't have sequins!!

  3. I love the bejewelled jumper! Hope you had a great time x


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