Picture This #14 Bits & Bobs

Flowers from the witch skincare team
All my Company magazines and halloween skull from ASDA
Trunk made by Barry, table cloth from the charity shop, my fashion books
My perspex lamp* and photo of Corben as a bub

As I have two young boys most of our place is messy, no matter how much I tidy up there's always toys everywhere, a little yoghurt hand print on either the sofa or the wall. But of course I'm not going to show you all the messy bits, lets face it no one wants to see that not even me. Instead I thought I would share the nice looking things ha ha, one is my new lamp. It's a little space age, but I'm really into mixing vintage with modern. I hope in the new year to improve our place, a lick of paint can go along way and transform a space. I'll be having a mass clear out of junk, so I can make room for new pretty things. It can be hard sometimes when you only have a certain amount of money, so buying things bit by bit can be the best way. Over time you can really make a difference, and it will come together for a nice space. 

I think pinterest is such a great way to find some inspiration,  I know a lot of you have moved places or like me just want a revamp. I also bookmark D.I.Y projects for the home on blogs, craft sites etc... With the sales around the corner it's the perfect time to make the most of your place, so slowly I want to makeover our place. Which room would you makeover?


  1. My room is half in a makeover transition, I keep buying small bits but I actually think that I am happy with the place!
    Gemma xxx

  2. Lovely post! Really enjoyed reading!

    Emma x

  3. That lamp is the perfect finishing touch!


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