How I Wear: A Smock Dress

Jacket: 6ks*
Dress: Boohoo*
Snood: F&F
Shoes: River Island
Glasses: London Retro*

This is not todays outfit it's from the other day so yes I'm cheating a little, I'm off to Covent Garden today with the boys. They have great displays over there, so me and Baz want to get the boys over there to enjoy it before everything goes back to normal. Than were off to my friends housewarming, so it's going to be a busying day. 

I'm actual starting to enjoy winter dressing, sometimes you can fall out of love with your wardrobe because you don't feel good. So you may say 'but I have nothing to wear' but what you actual mean is 'I hate the way I look, so nothing is going to look good' well maybe not you lot but this is how I feel. I'm feeling okay this month, and trying to not worry about it all so much. I think Christmas is one of those times were you can completely pig out, and no one will judge you. I think I'll just be wearing loose clothing and my boxy coats, that way I can relax. I want to get back on track in the new year, that's what everyone does right.


  1. Love that print , you look beautiful as always!! Merry Christmas Law! And pleaseeee give me your hair mine just can't cope with the bleach xx

  2. the print on the dress is too cool x

  3. Love the pattern & colours in that dress - There is a nice 1960s vibe going on there!!

  4. I felt the "'I hate the way I look, so nothing is going to look good" thing at the beginning of the week (cue a topshop haul) so I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets like this. Love the layered smock look, the mix if checks and the smock print is so fool I wish I could mix print like you.
    X ps. The victory roll is the ultimate "I can't be bothered wuth my hair but here is something easy so it looks like I have" cheat. Give it a go :)


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