Pretty Little Things Pretox Party

So before my friend Trish went back home *sob sob, we attended the Pretty Little Things evening. You may have heard of Pretty Little Things, but if not they are kinda of Boohoo little sister. On trend fashion, but budget friendly so no having to sell organs to get the latest must haves. We arrived at Disco unsure what to except. Any nerves faded fast as we saw a plane door, and a lady dressed as Pan Am stewardess and a flight captain. That was just the entrance, once we got inside it was disco balls cocktails and a collection that was made for me. 

I must have had one cocktail too many as it was only after I got home, that I realised I had been sat next to Hannah Beth! Major face palm, but anyway the collection. There was a mass of sequins, hello Christmas party dresses but I was more taken by the all tartan. Trousers, skirts and splashes of leopard print in between made my grunge girl what to scream with joy. The collection had a very 80's New York club feel to it, pleather and PVC, biker jackets and cool spiky clutches. We had an amazing night and I'm going to ask Santa (aka my other half) for a few bits. 

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  1. You both look lovely here and I really like this collection, especially all the studs!

    Maria xxx


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