D.I.Y Day: Easy Team Eye Makeup Remover

Yes a D.I.Y, well kind of. It's been forever so I'm happy to get back into sharing some tips that you can do at home. Easy Team got in touch with me, and asked if I wanted to try and share their tips for things that can make life that bit easier. So first up, eye makeup remover. As my skin is in a pretty bad way at the moment, I decided to show you on my 'makeup hand' I've named Tina. I did actual try this on my eye's too, so it's been full tried and tested. Above it what you will need:

  • Olive Oil
  • Witch Hazel
  • Water
  • A bottle or Dispenser
  • Cotton pads

Effectiveness: Firstly 2 drops of each will not give you enough to fill your bottle, so depending on the size mix the ingredients in a cup. I ended up using 6 tablespoons of each, and it was enough to fill my bottle. Than pouring it slowly in the bottle I was ready to test it out. As it states the liquids will separate quickly so pop the lid on and shake. This can became a little annoying, saying this it is really effective the oil lifts and the witch hazel is good for killing off gems and getting that eye liner off in a whizz. I like that you know whats in it, no chemicals and really cheap to make a massive batch of remover.

Overall: As you can see from Tina, with about 2-4 wipes you can remove all makeup. It can be a little oily, but for someone with dry skin this is good. I actual preferred this to my branded eye makeup remover, as like I said where it has so little in it doesn't strip the skin as much. The only real down side is having to shake it every time you use it, but overall it's pretty good.

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  1. Awesome diy. It looks so easy and I'm like you the oil sounds great for dry skin. I love olive oil skin products :)


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