In My Happy Place

Jeans: New Look
Trainers: Converse
Jacket, Necklace & Rings: Primark

In such a great mood, one of my best friends Trish is visiting from Australia and it feels like she's home. We enjoyed a nice roast dinner yesterday that Barry made, which was the perfect welcome back. Today the food goodness continued as we want for pie and mash, so I throw on my new skull jumper which is so fluffy and warm and we headed  off out. One odd thing that I tend to notice if someone is over to stay, is just how much stuff I need to get rid of. 

I think because you want it to be all neat and tidy, were as usually you say 'I'll wear/use it one day' and yep it gets throw down somewhere and forgotten. I have reached a point where I REALLY have to start selling things, I owe it to the clothing to find it a good home. I think delivery can  be the off putting thing about online selling, it can get complex and be a bit scary. I think on the other hand if you sell at a car boot sale you   may sell things too cheaply,  and not get as much as you want for things. I think out of the two I'll sell online, as once you sort things and pack them you get use to it. Plus than I can make some much needed cash to start buying the boys Christmas presents. I think where Corben's birthday is before Christmas and Logan's is just after, my purse is pretty much dead at this time of year. 

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  1. That jumper is epic and SO you! x

  2. Lovely post as always :D
    i love your hair colour

    Alex ox.

  3. You look snug as a bug Laura. Love the jumper!

  4. Looking good missus! That jumper looks so cosy! Love the plaited do as well. Looks aces xo

  5. I love love love your jumper, it's so fluffy and cosy looking <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. So glad that you are in a better mood now!

    Maria xxx

  7. love the fluffy jumper x


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