Twinings Signature Tea

As you know I love tea, and when a new one hits the supermarket shelf or a friend tells me 'you have to try it' I'm easily persuaded. The only thing I need to work on is my cups,  * need a bone china cup and saucer ASAP ditch those scruffy mugs before it's too late . As it seems teas are getting pretty, don't believe me well than you clearly have not seen Twinings signature range. They come in a box and contain loose leafs which are sealed in tins, with a cute measuring spoon so you can't get it wrong. The box opens out in such a dainty way, as if these teas were kept as a secret you need to discover.

The Tea: I picked the Sweet Berry Fusion*, which is a blend of strawberry and blueberry flavours on a hibiscue base, with a hint of caramel. To be honest I couldn't taste the caramel, but  it's still has a hint of sweetness. I thought by the fruity smell of the blend, that this tea would taste a bit like potpourri and I would end up putting it in a bowl somewhere just to make the house smell nice. It actual turned out to be soft tasting tea, with the hint of the berries rather than tasting like a cup of perfume. I would say this would be a great tea to drink in the evening, as it won't kick start your day but I think it's more soothing. I'm thinking of making my own iced tea with it, as I fruity tea iced.

Overall: I really like the sweet berry and it's made me want to try the others, the packaging is gorgeous and it's perfect to give as a gift to any tea lover. The spoon makes it simple to get the right amount of tea to water ratio, and the boxes keep the tea leafs fresh. The taste is easy on the palette, and I will be trying it iced as I think the berry favour will taste refreshing. It's a little pricey at £30, but it is beautiful and you don't need a mass of leafs for a full pot of tea. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to have tea and cake with friends, as it would compliment some cream cakes for sure.  


  1. That's a lovely looking gift set, the spoon is really something too. Might be worth a go if I can get it in smaller amounts

  2. yum yum, I love twinings tea!
    Michelle xo - @shelleymagpie


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