Street Style: London Fashion Week 002

Here's the second part of my street style at London Fashion Week feature, I really enjoy these and I hope you do too. Not only does Jaime (2) have one of my all time favourite blogs, but he also knows how to dress I love the trainers with his suit such a great mix. Some people tend to change their style just for fashion week, and that's why I adore Florrie (3), she is a Lolita and I wish there where more people like her at fashion week.

You could easily mistaken Lindsey (5) for being an off duty model, she has impeccable style and a heart of gold. I do love getting people together for a photo, so when I spotted  Cristian and Lucia (6) I had to get a photo both classic and but cool.


  1. Those first two girls...looking amazing! I love your street style posts xx

  2. You're good at this street snapping lark

  3. Jaime always dresses like such a gent! x

  4. Have really enjoyed these photo's love the looks that people are wearing :)


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