Double Rainbow

Barbie Top: Camden Market 
Joni Jeans: Topshop

I'm cheating as this outfit is from last week, and being a zombie I totally forget to post it as I've had swollen glands and been in pyjamas this week I think that lets me off a little bit ...Okay so it doesn't but anyway. So I've taken lots of 'get me better quick' stuff so that today I can attend you guess it London Fashion Week! I'm so sorry for all my tweets about it, I'm just so excited I'm writing some guest posts on street style so will be snapping away. So if it rains today, I'm going to cry.

Last week (as you can see in the photos) it was warm and sunny, and it's like London has been mugged of sunshine as it's been raining, grim and cold. On a plus I'm starting to drag out all those cosy autumn pieces, I think everyone is getting into layering more so it's not so bad * weeps while putting away her shorts. I love this rainbow jacket and don't want to pack it away, I think as it gets colder I may just do the double jacket. What do you think of the trend? Wearable, I think if you get the texture and colour mix right it can look pretty cool. Check out my Instagram if you want to see what I'm up to at LFW, I understand if your fed up of hearing about it already. I think sometimes the hype can kill the actual experience, anyway I'll snap my fave street style peeps and hope to see any of you lovelies there.


  1. Love the nails and jacket, can't help but feel happy and bright when you look at that outfit :)

  2. Looooove that jacket.
    Have a fab time at LFW!

    Rosie x

  3. Your nails and the jacket are amazing!!

    Have a lovely time at fashion week :)


    The Shelley Diaries

  4. Stunning! Best jacket ever!! <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. This rainbow top is way too cute! x

  6. This is so fun! Have an awesome time at LFW, I hope the weather clears up.

  7. Your jacket is so cute! Love the matching nails too, that is true dedication x

  8. Hi there! That's a really cute jacket and lovely pictures too!


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