Day 1: London Fashion Week SS 2014

Bag: Fashion union*

It rained and it rained and it rained, but not even the rain could stop people from enjoying the first day of fashion week. Today I'm just showing you what I wore, but I can not wait to share all the street style shoots I have (amazing doesn't cover it). I'm also working with some fab brands, so I will link you once my guest posts are up on their sites so you can have a good read. It was all about staying warm as I'm not well at the moment, so I had to throw on my Bang jumper. I was going to wear a cami, but would have looked crazy as it was such a grim day. I finally got to wear my holographic Shona heels, which are really comfortable. This neon satchel is my new pal too, I literally took the kitchen sink and still had room. I really wanted a  hairstyle that would hold up to the weather, so took my rainbow extensions and fashioned a ponytail. Than wore my new jazzy necklace to glam it up, but I do think the pleather texture skirt helped too.

I've seen bits and bobs of show coverage and it all looks dreamy, lots of colour and sequins seem to be happening on the catwalk which is great as I love sequins. So yes lots of posts to come of street style, events, trend reports and shows.


  1. Hahaha! Check out my super photography skillz! Gorg as always xxx

  2. You look amazing Law! Love that Hey Sailor necklace <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  3. You look amazing. Need to see you soon!


  4. oh my god this entire outfit - love the shoes, jumper and just everything! so glad I've found your blog girl, your style is on point <3

  5. I've just been looking through your last few posts, looks like you had a great time there. This one is my fav outfit, you're looking top banana! Those shoes are very unusual, really liking them on you dude.


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