Jacket: H&M
Dress: Charity shop
Necklace: Superdrug
Shoes: River Island

I found this dress in the charity shop, I remember back in the 90's being a teenager and seeing all the older girls in these Elle dresses with there hair up in a scrunchie. I though they were the coolest girls alive, so I couldn't resist it. My hair is like a dry bush, so right now I could shave my head. Sadly I don't have a killer face so would look like an alien if I did. 

I don't know about you but I feel so 'meh' lately, even my favourite magazines have not inspired me they keep doing holiday theme things and I'm just looking for some inspiration for A/W. I think it's the is it going to be boiling or do I need an umbrella guess work that I'm over now. Also that another year has passed with no holiday * break out your violins people. We are going away early next year with luck, just to the countryside but to be honest I'd go any where to escape the city for a while. The kids are still on summer holiday, so just trying to keep the boys busy and keep my sanity. Have you being having the 'meh' feeling lately? 


  1. I remember Elle! Whatever happened to it?!

  2. Totally feeling the meh feeling right now :( Excited for A/W though but just need the weather to wear it all! Picked those socks specially to go with your hair ;)

  3. It's outfit is too too nice!! I love those socks,,,ridiculous amounts!! Xxx

  4. I simply adore your hair... Plus I need those boots in my life! I've definitely felt the 'meh' feeling lately, but I hope it will get better (for both myself and for you too). An escape to the countryside sounds lovely right now! xx

  5. Law I reckon you could shave your head y'know! Or even just a section of it! You could definitely pull it off :) loving all these colours

  6. I love this outfit, the jacket looks amazing with your hair!

    Maria xxx


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