Two Ways To Wear: A Swing Dress

Something a little different today, but I want to do more of these two ways to wear posts. I'm a massive fan of swing dresses, they flatter my shape and there's so many ways you can style them. This beauty is from 18 and East, on first look you may think it's nothing special, but it's so pretty and I love the cut out detail in the front. The plate print, is both girly but without that sugary overkill. 

It's light and floaty and I would easy wear this to a wedding, I know the say don't wear white but hey I have green hair I don't play the rules. I would say 18 and East is very ladylike and have a very classic style. So the first look .......

White Tee & Bag : Charity shop
Necklace: Topshop

Festival Ready- I love nothing more than toughing up a dress with these biker boots. These are great as they have a lot of detail too, so I stuck to a chunky necklace and two friendship bracelets. Than a simple white tee underneath gives it a great 90's vibe, I always roll up the arms. Than a shoulder bag, to keep all those handy wet wipes, snack and lip balm in. Not an outfit for camping in, but festivals are more about walking around looking cool anyway....Oh and music of course.

Jacket: Matalan
Shoes: Topshop
Tights as above

Ladies Who Lunch- This look is a bit more dressy, but still casual. As great as heels, are these flat pointed shoes are a perfect in-between of glam and comfort. When your out and about for the day, like say a wedding or something your on your feet. So rather than having to carry an extra pair with you, try a flat. I teamed the dress with a tuxedo jacket, as I like the structure it adds but it's not to OTT. 

A clutch bag is a must, I always carry one with a chain or strap inside, than you can wear it across you if needed. I love this flower necklace, the hint of blue adds a little colour to the outfit (as not everyone has green hair). Again it's chunky, so a statement piece rather than fiddling with bracelets etc. throughout the day. I wore starry tights in both outfits, as I just love them.

So I hope this has give you a little inspiration, and I'd love to hear if there are any item you would like to see me style i.e. pencil skirt etc...Let me know :)


  1. I really can't pick a favourite outfit - I love them both! The statement necklace is gorgeous!

  2. That dress is so beautiful, I really like it although I'm not sure that swing dress styles suit me.

  3. I really love this dress, it's girlie but not toooo much! Your hair is simply amazing x


  4. I love both this outfits, but the first one is so awesome!!

    Kelly | My Blog: Day Dreams & Daisy Chains | Bloglovin' :Day Dreams & Daisy Chains | ♥

  5. TOOOOOO PRETTY BABES!!!! xxxxxx

  6. I love love love the cut of this dress and that you've toughened it up with the leather and studs! Fab for the warmer weather if it sticks around.

  7. really like this post.
    great inspo, 2nd look is my fav x

  8. Laura, you hair really does get better and better, you're looking top banana

  9. I love swing dresses but I always look pregnant in them :(

    Maria xxx

  10. Wow two amazing looks.
    I can't pick which I love most, I love how feminine and classy the second is but the first is much more my sort of style. Can you stop being so stylish?

  11. This dress is so cute!! Love it xxx

  12. You are looking really very pretty in this to follow your Western Dresses for Girls collection..lovely..!!


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