Summer Loving Wish List

Finally, yes finally those dreams of having a summer are becoming real with every sunny day we have here the U.K! I don't know about you but when I dream of summer shoes, I can't help but in vision Swedish hasbeens. Yes they are a little pricey, but they will never  go out of style. So after the 4th summer of seeing everyone and their cat with them, I'm adding them to my 'must' list. The only problem is which colour? I really like the red, but do you think natural would be a better option. Plus I'm sorry but clogs look so adorable with socks ....or is that just me.

Polka Dot Dungaree Skater Dress/  Love Moschino  bag/ T-rex necklace/ Flower Hair Garland/ Swedish Hasbeens

My 90's child is bursting out and all I want to do is wear dungarees be it jean/skirt, and of course wear flowers in my hair Drew Barrymore style. As for the Love Moschino bag, does a girl need a reason. Of course I like to keep it playful so seeing this T-rex necklace it's also a 'must'. I'll have a fight to keep it, as my three year old Corben will want it he LOVES dinosaurs. What's on your want need list?


  1. I have that dress bookmarked all week, trying to decide between that and a denim pinafore before I let my card out of its hideyhole.

    Also, clogs ~do look great with socks. And sandals. And brogues. Think it's high time I started sock shopping too!


  2. I absolutely want some bright clothes!


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