Claire's E launch Party (with Delilah & Conor Maynard)

Claire's are now online! It's so weird that once upon a very, very long time ago I got my second ear piercings in a Claire's shop. Claire's took me from goth, to punk, to hippy to well every where really. I think it's such a great brand for young girls (and boys), so it's great to see them do some more grow up pieces. As prices are low and I still love all my quirky bits. 

To celebrate them now being online, they invited us to watch Delilah and Conor Maynard, followed by a pretty amazing DJ set by DJ burn. It was one of those nights were I have to look at pictures to know it happen, it all went by so quickly. The performances were just flawless, both Delilah and Conor have thee most beautiful voices and more than show that the U.K has great artists.

It was great to be with all the girls too, Clare, Kylie, Jo, Becca, Lucy, Jaime and of course Shore and Shope. We were soaking it all in, and dancing away - Check out my cringe worthy dancing in my vlog ....Awful! It was really odd because I met a bunch of celebrates who I've met before, so now I look like some random stalker. Marina (from Marina & The Diamonds) was there, who I haven't seen since the Look show. 

She was there to support her boyfriend DJ Burn, they are so loved up and Marina was glowing she's so pretty. I chatted to Delilah, who I've met a couple of times now. She has flower tattoo's going up one side of her arm which I never noticed before. It was nice to be able to tell her how much we enjoyed her performance, she's so chic and natural. It was also nice to see Cheska from Made in Chelsea, and I briefly said hello to Gabby they both looked stunning.

So yeah I promise no more name dropping, but it was a little random sad I never got a snap with Conor. We hit the photo booth again, I was good this time and didn't end up with a million! The collection was dotted around, so I only managed to snap a few bits. They have so great selection of sunglasses, and I love the comic book Kapow bits and the Batman ring. Than it was time to go, I'm pleased to see that Claire's is still going strong so many brands I grew up with have gone. It's great to see that they have gone from strength to strength.


  1. Looks like fun :) Your hair is awesome!! I have 21 Seconds stuck in my head now, haha xx

  2. aww loved the vlog law!! Looks like you all had such a fun time! Loved the So Solid's 21 seconds...remindes me of our Explorer days haha!! xxx

  3. I want to go partying with you Laura!

  4. It all looks so colourful and I can see you had a lot of fun! :) X

  5. I'm so jealous you were in a room with Conor Maynard, full-on guilty pleasure!


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