Monochrome Meets Neon

Okay so less of a report, more me being inspired to be more creative and use photoshop for something productive. Rather than just photoshopping my face next to Tom Hardy's, yeah it happens sometimes. Moving on from swooning, I adore both these trends, there are so many ways you can wear monochrome and neon and even more when you mix them together. I already have a few bits and pieces in my wardrobe, but I thought I would share my ever growing wish list. I love looking at other peoples, as you may find a great new piece to add to your wardrobe. Or you may have something similar and it gives you inspiration to wear it. What do you think of these trends? Would you wear them, or are you over them already?


  1. Love neons...pretty scared of trying to pull them off though! I think i'll start in small doses!x

  2. I love this trend! All the outfits are so cool!

  3. These are my two favourite trends for this season :) x

  4. That floral skirt and those cut out heels are gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  5. I LOVE this trend! I have a great primark midi dress in grey that is dying for a fluoro yellow clutch! One of the cheapest trends to pull off when u have a monochrome wardrobe!

  6. Monochrome and neon are my absolute fave trend and what I will probably be rocking the most of summer! It is even featured in my latest outfit post.

    Be great if you could check out my latest outfit post: Monochrome biker girl and NOTD post Jessica GELeration in Venus Was Her Name by Nail And Beauty, Cheshire.

    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog


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