Crying Wolf

Now I know it's still chilly, but you can always wear a t-shirt in any weather I think the secret is to layer them up (or thick tights). The newest tee to my ever growing collection, is this 'Crying wolf' bad boy from an independent label called 'These Folk'. I did have on my new Motelrocks sequin skirt, but had to change because Logan my one year old got me covered in food. Also Missguieded sent me these stupidly cute tights, which are actual pretty warm and I love the cat at the back of them. Anyway back to 'These Folk' as you know I really love independent stores, it means you get something different from what's the latest must have on the high street. I had a chat with it's Alexandra about how the brand came about ... 

'I set up 'These folk'  as I wanted to wear something with cosmic print but everything was so bold! I have swooned over the blackmilk leggings but I didn't think I could pull off that much print in one outfit! That's why I made my first design - the cosmic moon jumper. The folklore influence came from watching Pocahontas one night and I loved their native American sayings and symbols so I decided to make a few tee's with all of that incorporated, it all started from there really.'

Coat & Belt: Charity shop
Faux Fur: H&M
Pumps: Primark
Necklace: New Look

I think that Alexandra is really inspiring, and I love that she set up her own business from adoring something but wanting it to fit in with her style more. I think a lot of people talk about 'oh I wish this was different' but when you make the step to actually do something it's great. I think her designs are really clean and perfect for galaxy print fans. The prints are all done by hand, so it makes it even more special that time has gone into each time.


  1. So cute ! :)

  2. I really think you should send ME that Motel skirt, amazing! x

  3. Well don't you just look fabulous!! That moon jumper is great , and she's such an inspiration considering she set up her own business! Thanks for telinng us about her, definitely going to have to check out her website! xx

  4. them tights girly! OOFT! also may have pretty much swooned at this skirt. LE DIE x

  5. I love your necklace! I'm so into costume pieces at the moment, I'll have to check out New Look now...

  6. I adore this outfit, such gorgeous colours!

    Maria xxx

  7. You look super beautiful in these, also a big fan of the T-Shirt I'm heading straight over to These Folk for a gander x

  8. love the coat and tshirt! you look stunning! xx

    Letters To Juliet


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