What I Wore To LFW: Day 1

So I've been getting emails about what I wore to London Fashion week, and if I could give links to items etc. So I hope this helps you find what you need quicker,  than me sending the wrong links for things because I'm still recovering. It's crazy how much energy you need for Fashion Week. I must say that one of the plus sides, is feeling inspired about what to wear. 

I think I had so many idea for outfits, and I could only do two days. So I have all my outfits sorted for the next week. I wore my 'Bang' which Scarlett hearts sent to me, she knew I loved it. It's such a cool necklace, and it's a mere £2.00 on sale! I'm going to get the 'Zap' one later this week, as I had so many people ask me where this was from. 

Coat: River Island, Faux fur Collar: H&M
'BANG' necklace: Scarlett Hearts*
Top: H&M via charity shop
Dress: ASOS sale 
Shoes: New Look*
Bag: Matalan, Hat: eBay 
Sunglasses: Anoutfit.com*

Thank you so much for all your comments, tweets and emails. Your always so supportive and it's such a nice feeling to have people ask you what you think. I've been blogging forever now, and it's great that you lot still take the time to always give me your feedback. I'm glad that I could share London Fashion week with you, I hope next time to meet even more bloggers/readers ...Well everyone! Next season, I'm going to make some You Tube videos I think. 

Did you go to LFW? Have you been watching the collections via live stream?

Photo credit 1, 2, 4 c/o FashionPearlsOfWisedom 3 c/o misguided blog

Thank to Pearl and Missguided for these photos, the ones I took were awful compared to these so many thanks. Also this outfit was featured on ASOS bloggers at LFW feature over at ASOS Fashion Finder, I was so happy and I'm pleased they approved my styling of their dress (which was in their fab sale).


  1. Looking so trendy - I loved this outfit! X


  2. Looking lush at LFW! Is that bubble tea too? So tasty. xxx

  3. I love everything about this outfit! Disappointed I couldn't get down this season but I'll be there in September. x

  4. you made the fashion finder, ace!

  5. Love this outfit, you look AMAZING!

    Maria xxx

  6. Very good compilation of colors! I like this. But the necklace not fit to much, I thing. Pink color destroy harmony.
    blog minimalissmo


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