New Look Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

New Look this season have pushed above and beyond, when I first looked around I was actual a little lost for words. Their really focusing the brand into more statement pieces, with texture and colour that will please everyone. What I adore with New Look is that even if you have next to no budget for clothing, you can always find an on trend piece's that won't break the bank.

This season New Look have designed some amazing pieces, so you can get those spring summer trends spot on. I think most of you must know the trends by now, but here is a bit about them:

Pleasantville: This collection is the perfect pick for the girly girls. The colour palette for the collection is a mix of sugary pastels, and sorbet tones blended with muted neutrals to add a touch of road trip. Peplum dresses continue to work their magic and sculpt the optimum silhouette, whilst the 7/8th pant epitomises that relaxed 50s feel. It's a vintage feel collection with a  modern spin, with water colour florals, pops of neon and 50's statement jewellery it has a first lady vibe.

Eastern Trail: AKA my pick of their trends, just has everything. Paisley prints are powerful worn head to toe, whilst the season's essential white shirt is knotted and teamed with scarf printed maxi skirts and embellished sandals. Summer necklaces are traced with the most delicate of beading and vest tops embellished and enhanced. This trend has a festival vibe, and backpacks feature heavily. I love the sequin skirts which will take you from day to night, with a simple sandal to heel switch. Ear cuffs are introduced with colourful beading and feathers and hand chains are a season must have.

Pagan Cowgirl: Colours are subtle, soft and warm. Dusky pinks, sage greens and burnished browns are all used with a richness and depth adding that homestead feel. Table cloth checks make this trend one easy to wear, for a relaxed day look. Embroidered patterns are complimented by chambrays and distressed denim. The ditsy print is a western style essential and adds Prairie chic to floor length skirts and cropped tops.
This year New Look had a bloggers lounge, which was the perfect place to style current pieces, blog, tweet and take a load off our feet. I love print and colour so I picked this sequin embellished skirt (£59.99) and teamed it with killed monochrome wedges and a cool neon printed top. I'm all about print and colour, this season more is more.

I need that clutch, and possible those trainers 'BANG'
Trying out the Blipp app

Of course monochrome featured in the collections too, with pop art shoes and accessorises. I think I made a thousand notes to self when I saw their woman crying clutch, it's such a fab bag to give any outfit a quirky touch. Also New Look have teamed up with Blippar to provide interactive features in store - If your in London their Marble Arch store has this technology. Simply download the Blippar app to your iPhone, Ipad or android device. Scan the barcodes displayed, and enjoy cool features like behind the scenes footage and even trying on clothing!

I'm please to say that you can now buy most of these collections, in store and online now. I'm trying to post press events when things are in store, than that way you lot won't have to wait six months to buy it. I adored this collection and as always have a list as long as my arm. Thank you to New Look for inviting me and letting me play with outfits.


  1. Love this post!! This New Look collection looks so exciting! They seem to be pushing the boat out a bit, can't wait to have a mooch around all this lot!

    Abbi xo

  2. OMG it seems like such a long time ago (in a different galaxy far, far away :P). :) X

  3. LOVE the rucksack and the why dress with pink flowers, so pretty!

  4. You need to take me with you next time :) Looks like you had a lot of fun, some of those pieces are amazing! x

  5. I feel a New Look shopping spree coming on! ;)

  6. I totally agree about the fact that even if your strapped for cash, you can always find an on trend piece in New Look which you can get. These are great photos, so great! Gotta love New Look! x

  7. Some of these pieces look amaaazing! I adore the Pleasantville collection and the Eastern Trail pieces look super too =D So pleased you posted when they're in store too - I hate seeing piece 6 months ahead, wanting them, then forgetting about them again until it's too late, so yay, thank you!

  8. when is the spring summer collection available????


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