Staying Warm With Lipstick Boutique

It's almost March and being a Londoner I had hoped we would have a bit more sun and a little less cold. London however has over ideas, so I'm making the most of the weather and breaking back out all my knitwear. It's not in the photos but I also wore a coat, over my jumper and new Lipstick Boutique cardigan. Instead of posting photos of me looking moody and cold, I thought I'd take inspiration from London Fashion week and forget how to wear it. The 'Kristina' is from Lauren Pope's range at Lipstick Boutique, it has white sequins and is a boucle style and more to the point it makes me feel really girly. I'll admit it made my top look a little bulky, over this jumper but over dresses or even a plain tee it adds a little glam. 

If your a fan of TOWIE, than go have a look all the girls who appeared on the show have their own collection. I adore Lauren's and also Lydia Rose Bright's new S/S13 collection, this blossom dress is just dreamy.

Hat & Shirt (worn underneath): H&M
Necklace: Scarlett hearts
Jeans: New Look
Collar  tips: eBay

I also wore my H&M riding hat (a little different, but I like it) and my new 'ZAP' necklace from Scarlett hearts, after she sent me the 'BANG' one I needed this one too. I was in a good mood some effort and put a little colour on my lids, perfect pick me up in this weather. I used my iPad case, as a clutch 'As you do darling' she says in a bad fake Italian accent. I think I'm still in fashion week mode, still I live in an area were wearing a matching tracksuit would be considered 'glam'. So you can't really blame me, for wanting to mix it up a little.


  1. Amazing look. I love the cardigan and I Saud the sane thing at LFW- why don't people wear their coats!??

    1. It's not 'chic' to wear your coat haha, I think people do it because it looks cooler in photos :P

  2. So lovely, you suit bright colours so well & they always look amazing on you. Such a babe xx

  3. Loving the neon cardy! And the necklace is sick!

  4. You look amazing, I love you in bright colours!

    Maria xxx

  5. I'm sure you get this a lot, but...I love your hair! So cute.


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