Hair Trend 2013: The Undercut

As you know I have dip dyed hair, and if your a new reader well yeah I have dip dyed hair. Of cousre it's been a massive trend and so now everyone and their dog has dip dyed hair. So where do we go from here? What are all the cool kids doing? By cool kids I refer to blog friends who have cool style and usually do something before it becomes the norm.
Well before writing this, I've been looking to what people have been doing with their hair, and it seems everyone is going for an undercut (by everyone again I mean peeps who do it because they love it, not because it's trendy). I actually really want to do it to mine, but sadly my hair is so thin and it would just look like I was shaving my arm pits on an early morning and some how ended up with half a head of hair.

Now I'm not saying that the undercut is a new trend, as I think my mum had one in the 80's when she was a punk. But it is one that people go back to, you feel a certain power when you take a 'risk' with your hair. It's something you do for you, and most people will tell you there's a sense of freedom. Also I would just like to add in that Grimes has one NOW. I love her music and her laid back style, but yeah you can usually spot one on a celeb who is rocking it (and some who well, couldn't  rock a full head of hair let alone an undercut..anyway).

Famous Babes Rocking The Undercut

Blogging Babes Rocking The Undercut

Photo credit: Lyzi, Ella, Kate

Lyzi from Being Little:
Lyzi I would say is more a lifestyle blogger, but like me she shows you her personal style, beauty and takes you on her mini adventures (they are always amazing). I'm not sure if Lyzi still has her undercut, but when she posted  the photo above on her  instagram I fell in love (note thee amazing cupcake tattoo) I love that she kept a lot of hair above and that she got it so straight at the back. Lyzi is also an artist and has a shop, her cat illustrations are super adorable.

Ella from Ella Masters:

Ella's written about when she first took the plunge here, so have a read. Ella like myself had bleaching woes (yeah thanks dip dyed hair)and felt that her hair just needed cutting, I really love her undercut and if I had her thick lush hair I'd be shaving while typing! Ella  is an artist and you should check out her shop, she's very talented and I love her sailor man illustration.

Kate from This Is What I Do:

Kate actual now has a shaven head, and looks stunning check her out over on her blog. I think Kate rocked the undercut and I loved the many ways she use to style her hair, she has a You Tube channel to check out too. She's a busy lady as she also runs Skullduggery, which has really groovy sweater and hats (perfect for teaming with your new undercut).

I don't know if there is a link between being creative and your hair, who knows. What I do know is I love the undercut, and these gals show you should just go for it. Have you spotted any hair trends? Do you think the dip dye is here to stay? 


  1. I wish I was brave enough to get in undercut. I really miss my boy short hair, but now that it's getting long I don't want to turn back! haha. Such babes <3 xx

  2. I don't think I could pull something like this off! Cute on them though :) I'd just miss my long locks :)

  3. I do love this style.. Not sure it'd work on me! I'm going to go pink again soon though I think.. X


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