London Fashion Week 2013: Street Style Snapping

Of course London Fashion week kicked off, so I hobbled over the cobbles in my wedges and started soaking in the street style. As much as I love a fashion show, people watching, and street style snapping is what I enjoy at London Fashion week. It's rare that you get a place just bursting with every kind of style, and is more rare to find some where that people enjoy being snapped. I like both, if I'm honest of course it's a great feeling when someone photographs your outfit. 

Sara Luxe from Missguided
Lora from Motel
This little boy was street style snapping people (too cute!)
Clare from Rainbows and Fairy Dust

There's a buzz in knowing you could be inspiring people, at the some time I love to also achieve style that I've seen. I hate when I see someone who looks amazing and I have no camera, I keep a scrap book on my computer filled with looks and styles I love across the net. But being the one who snaps it first hand, is such a good feeling it's addictive. 

How amazing does Helena look from Bells Fashion
Amazing hair and jacket on this lady
My friend Anthony from Hat about town
Anthony's friend, who's outfit I just feel in love with

I've taken a heap of street style snaps, but here is the first lot. So I'll be posting more but I'll spread it out a little, as I don't want to flood my blog with it or it will get boring. I had a wonderful day, snapping people and hanging out with my blogging buddy Clare from Rainbows and Fairy dust. We were photographed by a few people, so if you see me somewhere let me know (I actual forgot to ask some people where they were from). We spend most of the day at the New Look refuel room and caught up with a heap of other bloggers. I'm excited for tomorrow as I'll be working with Missguided and also SpyLovebuy on some fashion week coverage. Also I'm going to the Rihanna for River Island show, I promise I will tweet photos so go follow me @LAW1SFAB 


  1. Brilliant photos! I see something inspirational in every outfit x

  2. that little boy is too damn cute! x

  3. Some awesome outfits and shots there :)
    Have an amazing LFW XX


  4. Lovely photos, LOVE all the outfits!

  5. Fajnie tu ;)

  6. Some fab outfits! That little boy is too cute :)

  7. Love this post! Can't believe I'm missing out on the LFW fun. Really enjoying the pics though babe, thanks! :)

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  9. Great snapping and it was so good to see you yesterday! X

  10. That little boy is adorable! What a cutie. And that guy's black and yellow scarf is to die for!

    hello scrapbook

  11. I love some of these looks, Sara looks AMAZING!

    Maria xxx

  12. Street style is my favourite thing about London Fashion Week!! Everyone looks SO amazing.
    Love the cute little boy in your post, what a sweetie!

    I'd love you to check out my new fashion & lifestyle blog if you get a minute!


  13. I'm so glad you're doing these posts, I love seeing what people wear at fashion week, can't wait for the next one!

    ellie | mantrapixie | x

  14. It all looks so amazing, lucky girl and I completely understand what you mean about how inspiring it is!

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  15. Ahh, that little kid! Also the blue-streaked bangs! So lovely!

  16. are you enjoying lfw this time? the girl with the blue glasses looks fun!

  17. very Beautiful your Dress and your style


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