Date Night: Vertigo 42 Bar

It's a rare occasion that me and Barry get to spend any real time together, having kids means you have to make time. As watching a movie on the television, making a cup of tea for each other doesn't really count. As great as even the small things are, you need to have some fun and go out some where to really relax and know that you won't have to drop everything to deal with the kids. So leaving are little darling in safe hands, we made a break for freedom ...

Faux Fur Collar: H&M
Jacket: Charity shop
Cardigan & Boots: Primark
Dress: New Look

My friend kindly gave me vouchers for my 30th birthday for Vertigo 42 Bar, as she thought it would be nice for us to enjoy it together. It's a bit fancy, after going through security we headed up in the lift. The bar is actual 42 floors - '594' FT up, and when you sit down you can literally see the whole of London. It was wonderful, food, drink and the perfect view of London on a sunny day. After me and Barry headed over to walk, talk and enjoy our time together. I ended up popping in Beyond Retro, as I really wanted a pair of  90's dungaree's while Barry had a pint in the pub a cross the road. 

Barry took his camera too, and got some amazing shoots, and took my outfit photos (I'll ignore that the 2nd one is a little blurry. We looked around the market stalls, and than grabbed a coffee ( apparently to drink in Starbucks you need to be on your laptop) before we jumped on the bus home. Which was the perfect end as after Starbucks, all we kept singing was the dickhead song. It was so great as Barry is working Valentines day, and we have now both gained a little sanity back.

How was your weekend? 


  1. It's always nice to take some time out to spend with someone special! :)
    You looked lovely xx

  2. Aaw, I'm glad you had a fab time :) xxx

  3. Glad you had a good time, spending some time just the two of you definitely has to be savoured!

    Maria xxx


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