It's All About That Kenzo Jumper

I really want to get back into my D.I.Y soon, I have so many in mind which I have to share as I know you will love them too. Time seems to be flying by and things just seem to be overwhelming me a little at the moment. I feel like I'm five steps behind and everyone  is five steps a head, I think I have to just realise that I'm one person and things take time. I'm trying to give my kids back time with me, so I'm trying to work all the chores and other things around them and do them once they are asleep. It's tricky but I'm starting to get back in a swing of were I can juggle kids, relationship, blog and house work. Eeek that makes me sound like a 1950's house wife minus the blog part, I don't do all the house work it's shared so I'm very much a modern women.

Hat: eBay
Kenzo style Jumper: Ebay
Jeans: Topshop via eBay
Coat: River Island *
Trainers: Office (old)
Necklace: New Look*
Rings: ASOS

My 'Kenzo' jumper final arrived from eBay, I felt a tiger pose was needed ASAP. I actual love that my blog pal Clare got it at the same time, great minds think a like haha. I think everyone in blog land will end up with this, but who cares lets be a massive 'Kenzo' club. 
We can meet in Starbucks and of course not talk to each other, were chat on a social network instead 'talking is so last year'. But seriously I'm pass freaking out if I have the same as other blog peeps/ people, just take it as you both have good taste. I like seeing how other people style things too, it's inspiring. Anyway fingers crossed I'll have some D.I.Y posts up for you all soon, I have been heavy on outfits and I want to mix it up a little. 


  1. Oh myyyy , I love that jumper! Love this whole outfit xx

  2. Kenzo jumper deliciousness. Love all the colours here. You look amazing! x

  3. The jumper is so awesome, love it


  4. Ohh Law, I hope you're not feeling too overwhelmed. Maybe half an hour of pure nothing in the day might help? I do know how you feel though, I've spent the last week away from the blogging world to try and catch up with myself and fix real life! Absolutely LOVE the colour of your jeans and that amazing jumper, btw! xx

  5. I love this jumper,cute pose! Rachelle xxx

  6. oh man, well i'm jealous of you if you've found a place where you're managing to balance everything well! it's so important and i really don't feel like i have that at the moment in terms of time with just myself and doing things only for me like my blog, as opposed to spending time with other people or working. it's something i need to keep working on, haha.

    little henry lee

  7. Just found your blog and I am loving your style! this outfir look great! i am totally in love with that sweater!
    Happy to be your newest follower!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  8. Hey how much was your kenzo jumper and could u reccomend a seller? Xx

    1. Click the link as that's the seller I purchased it from. x


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