Being Parents

Life's a little all over the place, in some ways it's good and in others it just awful. A great part is being able to go out as a family, Barry is going through a lot right now and he needs a few treats. Our boys Corben 3, and Logan 1, have been more than a handful lately. Corben is going through a 'I'm the boss' stage, and while he can be a very sweet boy his being a bit of a terror. It's horrible as I hate having to keep telling him off and give him time out, but I think if i didn't he would wretch everything. It does take a toll, and can easily get you down. Logan is just crying all the time due to teething, poor bubba and he keeps trying to climb the stairs every time he sees the safe gate open.

Coat: River Island
Jumper: Clothing at Tesco*
Necklace: New Look*
Jeans: New Look
Boots: Primark
Ring: eBay

So leaving the house, and eating out is a massive deal it's a chance for us to semi relax. You can never really switch off, as even when were out it's keeping them happy. Also trying to fight off Logan, from leaning into grab all your food his mastered this skill. At the same time, seeing Corben drawing away and Logan with a face full of well everything makes life great again. Me and Barry try to have a laugh, and we know as the boys get bigger fingers crossed it will get easier. As a birthday treat my friend booked me and Barry a meal, so we will have a meal child free to enjoy some much needed couple time.  So date night is back in action!


  1. aww this was a lovely post. lovely to hear about your family - you sound like such a great mum! you look brill btw - love the red trousers x

  2. I hope you have an amazing date night- your hair looks amazing in the first photo. Fingers crossed it gets better soon, but I have to say you have the perfect little family :))

  3. lovely outfit and I really like the color of the pants :D

  4. Hats off, parenting is a tough job, but you seem to be doing a pretty damned good job. Someone once said to me when I was having a tough time that nobody gives parents a guide book, or a how to manual on how to do it right, and it's stuck with me ever since- I personally feel it's naive to believe all you need is love, but loving your family, wanting to provide for them, and do the best you can for them, it's the very best anyone can start with, and you sure as hell have that.

  5. I hope you had a good date, having a family must be so tough but you do such an amazing job!

    Maria xxx


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