Dare To Flare

Not really sure what's up with my brain lately, I'm half switched on. It's so cold here in London, but our snow lasted all of a day so can't really moan. I need to stop buying coats, in the last two months I have somehow ended up with three, yes three in my overly packed wardrobe. This caramel coat was a bargain that I got form the charity shop (Mind), for a mere £6! I've also added four new hats to my collection, and I really have to ban myself from buying any more for a while. Or soon it will be summer and I'll be rocking some massively warm coat. I blame the Rachel Zoe project, I have been watching it on Netflix's and I love Rachel's bohemian yet tailored look. I'm a million miles away from being her body shape, but I think a flared jean styled up a little can look cool. 

Hat & Coat: Charity shop
Blouse & Snood: Primark
Bag: Matalan
Rings: gifts and possible eBay

I went for lunch in the local cafe, it was nice to be out and have a chat with my mum. Corben my three year old was at nursery, so I just had Logan with me. Logan is one this Monday, which is crazy as it feels like yesterday he was a newborn in my arms. His been walking from 10 months, so his a handful, as his almost running around now. It was so nice not to be in the house tidying up, or shouting at the kids for being naughty. I think in summer your out more, so everyone is a lot happier and more relaxed. I'm out with my girls soon for a late 'Happy 30th Birthday' meal, and I have a Witch skincare meet up so I'm really looking forward to those things. I was naughty and treated myself to two skirts from Motel Rocks Sale, they are so pretty and they have a free delivery option so I was a happy bunny.


  1. So cute, loving the photos & the outfit is just lovely. How do you get away with wearing, anything?! Please tell me! BABE XXX

  2. Oh Laura,
    I think this is one of my favourite ever outfits on you; I can't quite explain why but you just look amazing


  3. you look great I'm so jealous of your flares!! I went through a punk phase (I say phase it's never really left) when I was 12 and haven't worn a pair in over 10 years! Im so jealous as you look great!!
    I don't seem yo be able to dress for the weather either- I always feel cold (even on holiday) so ho matter what I wear in the winter I'm cold so I dint always dress that appropriatly
    looks like a great day out with your mum- tea dates with family or friends I the best activity ever!

  4. hey, I love your blog! Its soo fashionable! I was kind a wondering if you have any fashion tips? really need it! xx Hope to get ur response soon! and I love your hair!

  5. Bright colours and so many beautiful rings - I love it!

  6. I love you in flares, can't believe Logan is one(!) already!

    Maria xxx

  7. think coats are the thing you can have loads, they're one of my fav items. can't sniff at £6, also goes to charity so double whammy ay.


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