Beat The Chill

Some of you were asking me how I keep warm, but still keep my style and a great trick is to layer your jumpers. If you have two jumpers in the same colour than it works better, but if not than make the most of what you have. In this outfit I took my black polo neck, and layered my blue fishnet jumper over the top. Wearing a vintage scarf and a structured hat, is a good way of keeping in the warmth and still keeping it edgy. A cosy coat, I got this blanket style coat from the charity shop for £6.00. It's about three sizes to big, but I like that look in winter. Tailoring is great, but it's harder to layer under a fitted jacket.

Hat, Scarf & Coat: Charity shop
Jumpers: New Look
Jeans: New Look
Boots: Office (old)
Bag: Gift from Friend

These biker boots are years old, but every winter I break them out as they are perfect snow boots. Not the best idea, but I love a soft tote (go for a bag that will actual stay dry) my friend got me this one and I love the print. I think a denim shirt layered under jumper is another great way to stay warm in style, and a few pairs of tights under jeans leggings and skirts. You can always add to a boring outfit with sparkly tights, glittery ankle socks with ankle boots. That's it really, to be honest just stay warm. Style is great, but your health is far more important. 


  1. So much snow! You look lovely as always - you can't beat a good pair of boots. xxx

  2. We couldn't agree more we always try to look stylish in Winter but being warm wins most of the time :)

  3. Love the boots, and think the coat looks great. What a bargain!

  4. Great bag and lovely layering! X

  5. You look great- I've Bern layering up by wearing 2 jackets but I think the two sweater idea is much better


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