Stocking Filler: Usborne books

As a little girl, I always had an interest in fashion. Before my mum got me the more grow up 'fashion wheel' set, where you could make your own designs with a texture wheel you could draw over. I enjoyed nothing more than doll books. My mum and nan would get me a few, to keep me busy before the Christmas roast was ready. I had toys as well the usual Barbie, post office etc.. Bless my mum, nan and granddad 'It's from Santa', but I've always enjoyed anything crafty. I was delighted when Usborne told me about their doll book, of course I had to be more grown up 'Yes my little one will love that'. 

Grown up! Me ... I didn't even think maybe Corben, my three year old would like it. Nope it was all about being a kid again, and doing something fun. Of course I let Corben help, as anything that means I can switch the television off and have a happy house is great. 

1920s Historical sticker dolly dressing book *

The Book: Discover what bright young things wore during the 1920s, in this glamorous sticker book with 200 stickers of clothes and accessories.

My view (I'm 29): I really loved this book, doing it with Corben was a little tricky as his so little. I just placed the sticker at the top, and left him stick it down he also peeled the stickers off. I think a little girl would love this, and maybe even some boys it not only teaches them about clothing but also they learn a little history along the way. I liked that the stickers had instructions, as some you layered up like a necklace or coat. The writing is clear so a child can read, and if their too little they can ask someone. Also I think they could play and just put it where they want, as this is for fun. It may seem simple  or basic but  it's a fun pass time, and I think a great stocking filler present to have. 

Corben's view (His 3): Mummy the lady, got no shoes on, this one. Not that one mummy, the shoes go here- Corben points out where I should place it, than decided he could do it. I use the back of my hand to stick it, can I peel them? I like peeling the tickers off. They need clothing because it's cold- he said when we got to the sports wear. Do you like this book? I asked him. It's pretty mummy, I like tickers. Right than, next page! He shouts and turns it before we have even finished.

Like I said I think Corben is still a little young, but than it's not about getting it on the doll perfectly that takes practise. I think it's great for visual engaging a child, and great for eye to hand coronation. Like I said before I love the history side of it, and it's £5.99 GBP which I think is well priced, as it took us a good hour to complete. Me and Corben spend time together without any distracts. Usborne do a huge wide range of different books, I'm going to get Corben the 'See Inside Space' flap and lift book as he adores anything to do with space. The only down size would be finding a big enough stocking!


  1. Oh my word these are adorable! I'm too old for a stocking so I'll just have to buy them for myself (along with my Obama themed one from 4 years ago...)

  2. This book looks like it was made for me- I love fashion history and who can resist a sticker book ;)

    Also how gorgeous is your little boy, what a lovely mop of hair! I've gone all maternal!

    Sophie x


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