Look Scary- With O2 & Blackberry

As a kid my uncle worked in the London Dungeon's and it was alright, than Barry and I have been there heaps over the years and it was okay. So when I heard that the rides, which had always been broken before were working. I could not wait to attend the 'LOOK SCARY' event! It was hosted by two blogging friends Lilly and Zoe, who looked amazing both dressed as Lady Gaga. It was held by O2 and Blackberry, to introduce the brand new Blackberry Curve 9320 in red and I have to hand it too them this was a genius idea. 

Taking 50 bloggers and letting us drink and scream are way around, till the end and than see their brand new phone exclusive to O2. So what to go as?  Well after chatting with a lot of you on twitter, I decided I would go as a dolly after a the invite said look scary and I hate to disappoint .......

Me and Sophie
Sophie and Sarah

Warning: This post continues some displays which some of you may find upsetting -and no it's not my face!

Me and the stunning Ellie!
Lilly and Sarah
Me and Joanna
Me and Amy
There were people jumping out at us all over the place, so I had people grabbing for my hand as I don't scare easy. I love thinks like this, if anything I want to be the one jumping out at people. As we passed hanging rats, we had to part with our glasses of wine as things were about to get fun! 

Lucy was asked to spin the wheel, for a 'Trick or Treat' for us all. Of course it had to be a trick, and so we entered a looping dark room of mirrors. All we had were reflections of ourselves. In between people screaming we were laughing, as being in a hall of mirrors having had wine that's what you do, and of course we couldn't found the way out.

Joanne and Ellie
Sarah and her lovely friend Nic
Milly, Lilly and Gemma
Than it was judging time, of course Sarah being dressed as a witch was called up to stand trail and found guilty. Well actual we were all found guilty and made to go see Sweeney Todd- No sadly no Johnny Depp was there, but we all sat in the barbers chairs in the dark and they fly back. 

So adjusting my wig it was on to White Chapel, to see if Jack the Ripper had heard of the new Blackberry Curve 9320. I have read so many books on Jack the ripper,  watched countless documentaries and the film 'From Hell' is a fave. So it was so exciting when Jack jumped out at us all with a blade in his hand, it's great that you have real history within the London Dungeon I'm such a history nerd. 

Joanna, Melanie, Aishling, Sophie, Lauren and Sarah
Kristabel, Lucy, me and Zoe

I adored the rides towards the end of the tour, one we wore 3D glasses and were shooting at evil people  with our guns. It spin around and at one point we were spat at, I felt like a child again everyone was really into it. The next freaked me out a little as I'm not great with heights, which it was a up and drop situation. I grabbed Sarah's hand and as I went to scream it was already over and than I felt like silly as it was fun.

Than there were palm readers, more wine and nibbles. Of course we got to see the new Blackberry and also how to achieve amazing Halloween looks- which were playing on a huge screen. It was so much fun and I really hope other brands, get creative like this as it's just different and more fun to share with you lot.

Other Sarah bless her give me the Halloween necklace she made, which made my night as if you follow me on Instagram I've worn non stop. Anyway just want to say a massive thank you to Charlie and the team (you rock), to O2, blackberry and of course to Zoe and Lilly for hosting. I had a great time made some new blog friends, and enjoyed scaring everyone on my way home! For more photos from the event click here.

Sophie, Sarah, Lauren and Lucy
Lilly and Zoe


  1. Looks like such a fab event, I love fancy dress!

    Having a MAC Makeup giveaway on my blog, would love it if you came and had a look? Win something of your choice!



  2. Such amazing photos :) It looked like such an awesome night! I was so gutted I couldn't make it. Your costume was utterly awesome, so amazing


  3. Wow that looks amazing. Can't wait till halloween. Still don't have an outfit! Might just steal one of these, hehe!
    Erica xo

    Come have a look at my cookie dough raw recipe!

  4. Your photos are awesome! :) X


  5. It's Lilly! That looks like such an awesome party, everyone's dressed up in creative costumes and not your typical "slutty" costume. Although the decapitated heads are a little scary lol
    I'm glad I found your blog cuz I'm crazy about your style--it's so unique :) *Just subscribed!


  6. I love the makeup and costume! thank you for the comment on my blog, I'm a new follower o your blog and I'd love it if you followed back :D


  7. Woow great pictures!! Looks like a fun event :) I love you dolly costume xx


  8. You look AMAZING, your costume was perfect!

    Maria xxx


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