D.I.Y Day Slime Nails

You may have seen me use the WAH book to create ice cream nails, from their drippy design so I decided ages ago that for Halloween I wanted to do a slime version. Sadly everyone else had the same idea, but I thought I would share mine anyway as a lot of people at events asked how I did it. It also was a great reason to use toxic apple by Models Own, which has to be thee best shade of neon green ever!

Things you will need:
  • Green nail polish (I used Models Own Toxic Apple )
  • Black nail art pen (You can get off Ebay try this seller here)
  • White nail art pen 
  • Top coat

Step 1: Paint on the green nail polish for your base colour, I think 2-3 coats of any nail polish will give you a strong colour. Let each layer dry before applying the next coat, or it will bubble.

Step 2: Than create a wiggle line dipping up and down with your back nail art pen, than take your time filling it in with either the brush end or the pen end - I used a plain nail so that it's nice and clear to see, as you can see mine are not perfect just have fun.

Step 3: Add a little bit of white nail art pen, to highlight your slime it ail give your drips an extra pop. Than once dry, add a top coat this will stop them chipping and flaking off.

Enjoy :) 


  1. Perfect nails for Halloween!

    Emma x

  2. They are cool :-)
    don't think im daring enough
    http://jodie-melissa.blogspot.co.uk/ x

  3. I know I said it on Instagram, (I'm not stalking you I swear!) but these are truly amazing! I dug out my Wah! nails book to take a look at them after.

    Think I'm going to attempt something similar once baba is settled for the night!


  4. Eeee that is SUCH a perfect slime colour... just like Slimer!

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