Festival Must Have: #1 The Ragged Priest

Now if you read my blog you will know that I'm a bit of a crazy when it comes to studs, so if I 'm not studding things myself I will be buying things that are. So when I saw The Ragged Priest ages ago on eBay, I was having to stop the drool from going into my iPhone. Of course being the middle of the night and browsing, I lose the page and couldn't recall the brand, GUTTED was such a massive understatement. Than while out over Oxford street for a press day, I had a nose to see what new concessions they had in .................
Yes by some miracle I found them, so now I'm saving to get myself some of the priest action. They actual now have their own web page (I prefer to buy direct), and are also on Spoilt Brat which is actual a cool site for buying random, but stupidly amazing brands.

photos c/o The Ragged Priest

My love for The Ragged Priest is growing with all their new pieces, and yes I know what some people will say well I can do that. Yes maybe you could, but you haven't and it takes time and also studs are not that cheap believe it of not they add up (spike studs can get well pricey). So I love this brand for being there for those who can't, or don't have time to be doing it themselves. They have great ideas that are really my style, the designs are really fresh and I love their jumpers perfect for all the rubbish weather we have had.

Ragged Love

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These are my picks for all that festival fun, they are selling on the spoilt brat website, as well as Topshop and their own. So check them out, as they are going to be selling out of things like crazy soon. I mean it's studs and rainbow colours, how could it not!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or made to write these posts, these are just products I like and wanted to share with you.


  1. Even though I have made my own Raffed Priest inspired jumper (as you've seen on my blog) I would much prefer to buy from R.P.
    Their stuff looks so well made and like its full of love and care- and so much easier!
    I'm in love with the tie dye pastal jumper at the moment- but I could easily spend my whole months wages!

  2. Yeah your jumper is bloody cool too Jodie <3
    But yeah they are a small company, so I like supporting that. Yeah I'm saving like crazy, I need it all haha xxx

  3. They deserve all the business they get- more intact they are all such amazing clothes!

    I can't wait for more diy from you- and there will be more DIY from me soon

  4. I LOVE Ragged Priest, haven't been able to afford any of their pieces since I discovered them earlier this year but I have so much love for their style :-)

  5. i love a bit of sewn and patched up denim

  6. hiya dear
    your style is lovely
    I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)


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