D.I.Y Day 10# Stud An Old Shirt Collar

Once upon a time before BC- That's before children, I had mid size boobs and my waist was a little more toned. So most of my shirts from back in the day, are doing the whole pop open thing which really is not a good look, unless you want to show the world your bra. I decided to take some of the shirts to the charity shop and keep some of the 'no one would buy this, why did I buy this' ones and use them to make a D.I.Y collars.

I soon discovered it's damn addictive and you have to resist hacking off collars off stuff you like just to stud it. As some of you lovely peeps asked me about the one I wore here, I couldn't be mean and so I'm showing you how easy it is. This will take you under 30 minutes easy!

Things you will need:
  • A pair of nail scissors
  • An old shirt with a good collar (try it on around your neck, you need it to do up and make sure it's not tight)
  • Stud's !!!!! I got the square ones, the skulls, and the round studs here. All off eBay, but you can get them in craft shops, even off an old stud belt if you like.

Step 1: Take your shirt and cut it with the nail scissors along the join of the collar and the shirt, have the shirt the right way (as this is the edgy people will see, keep it clean). I used nail scissors as they make small cuts, so you cut closer. Plus you can stud with them too.

Step 2: I think it's good to sort your studs  out and plan how many you want on each side, and the pattern you desire.Than your less likely to go crazy and run out of studs for the other side, it's easy to do. Take your stud (these are prong studs) and push the prongs through were you want them, I always start at the point and work out. Turn over and flatten the backs in with your nail scissors, just push down and in. Than repeat. 

Sometimes your studs may not go through and bend, again the nail scissors are great as you can straighten the prongs and start again. See easy, now rock that collar unless it was actual your boyfriends new work shirt ... Than maybe rock it when his not around 'I haven't seen your shirt, sorry'. If you try this D.I.Y, please leave links and I'll put them into this post (I like to see yours too). Enjoy!


  1. This is such a great idea! I'm going to have to raid mine / my husbands wardrobe!

  2. Damned genius!

    I hate collars. Don't like the feel of them around my neck but I could stud hems and pockets and ........

    Yee haw!

  3. This looks great! I need to have a wardrobe clearout so hopefully I'll come across some shirts with collars which I can cut off and add studs!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  4. This looks so much easier than I thought it would be, love the skull stud!

  5. I love how creative and thrifty you, it's really inspired me to be more open minded to fashion and play around with what I can do my self (minus shopping!) :-) Great post! xxx

  6. this looks super easy to do aswell.. and i'm a right sucker for collars!x

  7. This is such an amazing idea Laura! I'm definitely going to try this. Might have to find a white shirt in a charity shop as I haven't got any to cut up, I think I will stud my denim shirt too. You're always full of good ideas :) x

  8. that is very clever, really effective

  9. Wow, this is amazing!!! It looks so professional, its gorgeous! :) xxx

  10. Such a fabulous idea, the end result looks stunning.

  11. You´re amazing! It´s great!:)

  12. more DIYS please young lady - they are hot !

    Thankyou for your comment - it ment the world x

  13. I love the skull studs, this is a really good idea!x

  14. Great diy!! I love find way to make use of old clothing!!

  15. omg. I love this DIY and i'm in love with studs! I hope you do more. I love your style and your blog! am definitely hoooked! mwah!

  16. Wow I love this - I'm gonna head to ebay and pick up some studs to vamp up some older pieces that I hate.

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done


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