Quetzal Colour Block Wedges

So ages ago I mentioned either on here or on twitter that Barry (my bloke) got me some cute wedges, as I had just had baby Logan and we didn't have heaps of money we didn't do much for Valentine's. We don't really go in for all of that kinda thing anyway, we have been together for almost a decade (I'm not joking) but Baz still wanted to treat me, so he got me these gorgeous wedges! For some girls it's jewellery, well I'm not that girl I like plastic, cool and kooky pieces when it comes to jewellery that I change non stop. Where as shoes stay with me for life! So they are the go to buy for me, I take care of them and Barry knows that they are a 'winner' when it comes to a treat.

Shoes: Love Label gift from my bloke
These are so cute, and summery and remind me of ice cream at the beach for some reason I love the mix of purple and pink together and the texture mix. They have a T-bar front and remind me of shoe's I had as a kid, minus the wedge and the colour. I think they are very 70s, and my mum even said she had a similar pair in red back than she throw out everything so I refuse to talk about her fashion stuff with her (a two tone Westwood suit being one!) Sob, Sob let's not go there we just don't talk about it.

Barry got them from Very.co.uk which we are both big fans of, and he knew they were very me (I think his catching on that I like colour and height when it comes to shoes). I love a wedge as they comfortable, saying that these Love Label bad boys are high and arch your foot a bit more they are still more comfortable than say a thin heel. Still I can't wait for the sun to shine so I can strut my stuff ... I say strut it's more a case of  'try not to fall and kill yourself walk', still it's better than the 'I'm actual a drunk man in heels walk'. Anyway I promise to show you my other new additions! Yep there are some other new shoes to my collection.


  1. i like these, Lovely colours for the nice summer weather :)
    Nicole xx

  2. I love the colours in the shoes!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  3. С интересом читаю ваш блог))
    Заходите в гости)

  4. They are so gorgeous! :-D

  5. I.am.in.love.with.YOUR.SHOESSS!
    Will Barry buy me some please?x


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